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Will my current car insurance coverage go up after DUI? Will it increase if I get SR22 insurance? How can I get the cheapest SR22 insurance rates?


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Usually you will notice a rise in your car insurance rates because of having a DUI conviction in your record. Driving a a car while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs normally places you now into a high risk category of motorists.

How much an insurance policy premium increase because of having a DUI and/or needing an SR22 SR26 or FR-44 (certificate of financial responsibility) will be based upon insurer that you’re working with and their ranking system. Additionally you may lose all the special discounts which you also previously got on the policy that aided you to reduce your SR22 car insurance cost, such as a safe driver discount.

Several state insurance government bodies and department of motor vehicles provide details on the average insurance premium increase for a Drunk driving conviction. For instance, the Colorado Department of Transportation has a Price of a DUI brochure listings your CO car insurance may go up 30 % typically, assuming it’s not terminated, after having a DUI conviction.

Just like any insurance – ask for discounts

1. Do you belong to a credit union, if not think about joining one

2. How is your credit history and payment history? Low scores will cost you more.

3. Can you combine your home life and auto together

4. Buy online, a small discount but hey

5. Raise your deductible amount if you can

6. Limited use vehicles, do you only drive to and from work and home?

7. Can you pay a year in advance?

8. Can you enter your zip code in the form above to find cheap SR22 insurance rate quotes? It’s fast and totally free.

Is there really such a thing as “cheap”?  Yes and no, depending on your driving record, claim history and credit rating…so you tell us, how are things?  Don’t worry to much though, we are very good at finding cheap rates for our visitors.  To start, enter your zip code in the form above and you will see a list of auto insurance companies and agents that really want your business.  It’s free and there are no obligations.

SR26 and FR44 Insurance

Yes, we also have those as well. Do you have a DUI – DWI or OWI on your driving record or have you had your drivers license revoked?  This can be a real challenge to get your license back without costing you an arm and a leg. We can help you!  Take a minute now and enter your zip code above and let’s start the quote process.

SR22 Form

Yes, we can also help you with that too. There are many agents in your area (depending on where you live) that will help you get the SR22 certificate form and file it with your local DMV so you can get your drivers license back. Enter your zip code above and follow the simple online steps.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

Many car insurance companies will not offer coverage for this, it can be a huge liability for them. We can help you locate insurance companies in your state that will offer non owner SR22 insurance coverage for you.

cheapest SR22 insurance

Auto insurance with DUI

As you are probably finding out, this type of car insurance coverage is not easy to get nor is it as affordable as with out a DUI. Don’t worry we can help you find a company and a rate you will be able to afford. 

There are many factors that will determine your rates, so check out the discounts listed above and see if you qualify for any of them before you get your quote. Then once you have read them all enter your zip code in the form above and let’s find you a great rate.