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Getting Dollar-a-Day Auto Insurance in New Jersey


I heard about this cheap auto insurance policy known as dollar-a-day policy in New Jersey from my friend. With the economic crisis that we are facing right now, I am very much interested in getting this kind of car insurance policy. How can I get it? Are there any kinds of qualification? Can you tell me more about this? How cheap is this car insurance?

Bella H.

Newark, NJ


Commonly known as (SAIP) The Special Automobile Insurance Policy, or more commonly referred to as “dollar a day” is designed to help inadequate car insurance coverage be available to NJ drivers. This type of auto insurance policy is made available to drivers who have been qualified for Federal Medicaid plus hospitalization.

The policy itself provides for immediate medical treatment after a vehicular accident and even treatment for serious injuries on the spinal cord and brain. The limit for this is up to $250,000. In addition, it also offers death benefit amounting to $10,000.

This however, does not cover treatment that are considered outpatient like visit of a doctor by Medicaid, damage on another person or property as a result of your fault or even damages incurred on your own vehicle.

As to your question on how much this is, it’s $365, that’ why it’s called as dollar-a-day. This policy is cheaper by $5.00 if you opted to pay upfront. For one time upfront payment it only costs $360.00. Whereas, for two installments, it costs $365 total.

If you are interested in getting this king of auto insurance policy, contact your car insurance agent in New Jersey or the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

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