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SR22 Insurance

Is it possible to drive a vehicle with my SR22 insurance? You see, I am required to get an SR22 because of my DUI conviction. Now, my friend allowed me to use his car over the weekend. Is this possible? Thank you.


Baltimore MD

In most state and with most insurance companies rules and guidelines:
Yes, you can operate any automobile with permission as long as there are no exclusion is applied with your SR22.

There is a policy called non owners SR22 insurance where in coverage is limited to your personal operation of the car that you do not own or do not owned by a household member.

To be able to acquire the average price for an SR22 insurance, it is best to get a SR22 car insurance quote. The easiest way to get a cheap SR22 quote is to go online and get a quote from comparison website. These comparison websites provides multiple quotes from various car insurance companies by just filling up one form. You do not have to go to individual company websites to get a quote and fill up the form for each companies. This is a good way to get cheap SR22 since you will be able to compare which SR22 quote suits your budget and needs.

Usually, an SR22 insurance costs an additional $15-$30 filing fee above and beyond your car insurance rate.

You may ask your local DMV if you are allowed to drive someone else’s car with your SR22 to be sure you are adhering to the guidelines in your state.

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