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What is Non Owners Bond?

I called to cancel my car insurance since I no longer have a car? I was told that in order for me to be able to operate someone else’s car I need to have a non owners bond. Is this correct? I live in Lorain, Ohio.


It is not legal to operate any vehicle nor let any car owners permit anyone else to operate the vehicle without automobile insurance in the state of Ohio.

If you do not own a vehicle and will be driving other cars, non-owner insurance is vehicle insurance that you can purchase. Typically Non-owners insurance does not provide comprehensive and collision coverage on the automobile.

Bond insurance is also another term for a SR-22. If you fail to provide financial responsibility resulting in violating the financial responsibility law and being required to file with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) a bond or sr22 , will be required to maintain as proof of financial responsibility for 3 – 5 years.

If you are mandated to purchase an SR-22 and do not own a car you can get a non-owner SR-22. You will be able to fulfill the requirement mandated by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles with this insurance.

If your insurance company in Lorain, Ohio, then you can shop online for car insurance company that offer this type of insurance.

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