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When Does My Auto Insurance Expire – Date and Time ?

What exactly is the time where auto insurance policy expire? I live in Decatur, Alabama.


Decatur, AL

Typically an auto insurance policy will expire at 12:01 AM on the date of the expiration which which is very confusing to most consumers thinking they have to do something by that date, however in reality they have to do it the day before the expiration date.

Usually your car insurance policy will be canceled for non-payment if you do not pay your car insurance premium by the expiration date. It is very confusing to many people since you expect to have car insurance coverage on the expiration date, but the car insurance policy usually expires on the first minute of that day. So, you have to obtain alternate car insurance coverage or renew your car insurance policy prior to the expiration date.

Most insurance carriers in Decatur, Alabama may permit for a grace period but some do not. So if you have not paid your car insurance payment or acquired insurance coverage by your expiration date then you will have a lapse in your car insurance coverage and has to have it renewed.

Your car insurance policy should note the exact time. For instance in my own auto insurance renewal statement it shows that if the car insurance policy is not paid then it will expire at 12:01 a.m.on the due date.


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