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Why Do Car Insurance Companies Differ in Rates?

My boyfriend also lives in San Francisco, California and he has a different car insurance rate as compared to me. Why is that? I mean we are both from the same place but we have different car insurance companies. I am just wondering, why do car insurance rates differ from each other?


Every car insurance company has its own guideline that it follows in setting auto insurance premium. The very basic rule in setting a person’s auto insurance rate would be on how much risky is it to insure a person. This includes (but is not limited to) like for example how much it will cost your insurer to insure you, how much claim is likely to be made by you and a lot more. But it always boils down to one thing – on how much money your car insurance company will likely spend in an event that they take you under their wings.

In general, car insurance companies set their auto insurance premiums depending on the policyholder’s age, sex, driving history, claim history, credit history, type of vehicle, place of residence, and driving miles. This is an industry wide practice. So going back to your question, aside from the fact that you two have different car insurance companies, there are also several factors being considered. And I assume you got differences with those factors.

If you would like to know specific details on how you can save on your auto insurance rate in San Francisco, California I would say it’s best to ask your car insurance agent. If you are paying too much (or your boyfriend is) on your car insurance premium, then try to shop around for car insurance quotes through websites. I’m sure you’ll get so much information about it.


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